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  A Message of Hope and Love


 The dynamics of codependency are illuminated in this heartbreaking story of a marriage compromised by the husband's addiction to alcoholism.  This honest memoir will help untold numbers of  people  understand what it's like to live with and love someone who is addicted.  It provides knowledge, courage and  hope  Sit back and embark on a whirlwind voyage through seas of desire, tragedy, an ultimately, forgiveness.

"You don't have to be an alcoholic to deal with alcoholism. This is a compelling acount for anyone who has ever tried." 

Charles Rubin, Author, Don't Let the Kids Kill You: A Guide for Parents of Drug and Alcohol Addicted Children.  


"Simone vividly recounts her own compelling journey with the insidious disease of alcoholism and her sustaining spiritual awarenss of recovery."

Patrice M. Pooler, MA, ADC, Executive Director, Mid-Ohio Valley Fellowship Home, Inc.


"Dark Wine Waters goes way beyond the plethora of recovery books. It is a beautifully written memoir, with its charming water motif throughout, and it so clearly offers everyone a way to continue, to be happy, despite whatever happens. In this,  the author has handed all of us a true gift.

Cat Pleska, president of Mountain State Press and author, Riding on Comets (April, 2015) 

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